Solle Packs

Not sure where to start? Scroll down to view recommended Solle packs. These are items grouped together to support a variety of different health concerns.



Solle Life Pack

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Sugar Cravings, & Much More
Includes: CinnaMate, Solle Vital, Adaptable



Weight Loss

Clean blood and liver; nourish Thyroid & Adrenals, Reduce Cravings, Mental Clarity, Hormone Balance, Stamina, Clarify Respiratory, Circulatory, Lymphatic Systems, and Eye Health



Gut & Glory Pack

Improve Digestive and Colon health; Strengthen the Immune System, and Enhance Mental Clarity and Well-Bein.


Includes: Solle Complete Protein, CinnaMate, Verdezymes, ProBio IQ



Relax & Revitalize

Nourish the Adrenal & Thyroid Glands, Balance Mood and Manage Stress, Restore harmony, Focus and Emotional Balance, Calms mind and body and aids in Sleep.


Includes: Solle Vital . ReNue, Verdezymes, SE (roll on) Calm Oil



Pain Package

Reduces Inflammation & Pain of all types...


Includes: Solle Flex PI, Solle Flex AC Cream, S.E. Balance (roll on), S.E. Calm (roll on)



ADD / ADHD Starter Pack

Includes: S.E. Balance (roll on), Solle Vital, CinnaMate


4-Ward Thinking

Experience all 4 unique formulas with dozens of health benefits, such as detoxing, alkalizing, mood balancing, stress relief, sleep aid, refocus, mind and body harmony, blood sugar management, immune builder, boost stamina, clarify circulatory, respiratory, & lymphatic systems, increase libido, balance hormones, increase alertness.



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Protect your Pets
Products for  Parvo

Ezee Flow Tea

Men: Frequent bathroom trips?

Bell Lifestyle's Ezee Flow Tea for men helps to maintain urinary flow, frequency and comfort for a good nights's sleep. Its easy to prepare, tastes great hot or cold and may also aid in issues of sexual health, circulation, kidney and bladder health.


Bladder Control Tea for women is also available.

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