Kangen Water Refills to be Discontinued
April 15th The Herb Garden will no longer be offering free refills.

  • You may bring a clean plastic jug not to exceed 2 gallons with you to a scheduled Kangen water demo.
  • Maximum 2 gallon containers will be filled per visit. Please do not bring water jugs larger than 2 gallons per visit
  • In order to continue to receive free refills of Kangen water you must sign our 30 day trial agreement form.
  • Once the Kangen 30 day trial agreement form has been signed you may visit us Mondays- Fridays from 10:00 - 5:30 and Satrudays from 10-5:00 p.m. for refills.


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The Health Benefits of Drinking Kangen
Alkaline Water

  •   Increases "drinkability", superior hydration
  •   Anti-oxidant free radical scavenger
  •   Detoxifies the body
  •   Helps restore the body's ph


Download PDF file: The Benefits of drinking Alkaline water from Enagic
Adobe Acrobat document [918.1 KB]

Keep Checking back for Free Kangen Water Demonstrations


Check back for future Kangen water demos to lean about the real benefits of achieving proper ph balance in the body by drinking Kangen alkaline water! These demos allow you to see the impact this water can have in your life with its super-hydration, antioxidant and detoxifying capabilities.

Demos are currently suspended. Call The Herb Garden for information.

Liph Products
Available at The Herb Garden

Liph Products greatly complement any program  aimed at promoting pH balance. Suffer from chronic pain due to inflammatory conditions? Are you currently taking part of our 30 day free Kangen water trial? Liph products are made from the trace mineral Silica. Liph products help to oxygenate the body as welll as alkalize.

Don't own a Kangen Machine?
Liph product concentrate is added to a gallon of water for use over 30 days. Provides some of the benefits of Kangen water with more convenience.

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Free 30 Day Trial

The Herb Garden 30 day free trial is designed to help you decide whether purchasing an Enagic Water ionizer is right for you. It is free of CHARGE and there is no obigation to purchase anything. It will help you see what Kangen Water can do for you.


How you can Participate:


Bring two clean water jugs anytime during store hours for a free Kangen water fill. You can do this 30 times free of charge.

When can I get my water? 

You may visit the store to pick up your water between regular business hours Mon - Fri  10 am- 5:30 pm, Sat. 10-5 pm  or when you attend demonstrations.


There is a limit on the containers The Herb Garden will accept to refill. You may bring 1 gallon clean plastic jugs to fill for each visit. A maximum of 2 gallons per customer per visit. Do not bring containers larger than 2 gallons.

PDF Getting the most out of your Kangen Water Samples
Getting the most of your Kangen Water Sa[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [355.2 KB]

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Enjoy Softer Skin & Hair

Enhance your probiotic program

Help battle skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema

Ease the effects of pulmonary diseases such as asthma


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Easy to use, effective on many health ailments, convenient.
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Bladder Control Tea for women is also available.

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