Heart and Circulation

The Circulatory System consists of the heart, vessels, and blood. Its primary function is to transport life-sustaining minerals to the body's cells and remove metabolic waste from the cells.


The Heart


Located in the upper center of the chest of the chest cavity, the heart is hallow, muscular organ about the size of your fist. It weighs approximatley 11 oz.


When the blood leaves the heart it is pumped through arteries into the lungs then into arterioles. Finally the arterioles give way to very thiny capillaries where it exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide. It then makes its return trip back to the heart.


Blood and the Vascular System


There is an incredible network of about 70,000 miles of blood vessels! Note: There are 500 miles of blood vessels for every pound one is overweight!


Arteries and arterioles carry blood from the heart.


Capillaries allow the exchange of molecules between the blood tissue fulid.


Venules and veins return the blood to the heart ("dark red" or used blood- looks blue through the skin).


Function - Circulation, in order to cleanse and nourish the cells of the body, the pre-capillary sphinter muscles regulate blood flow through capillary beds and rare a factor in blood pressure and body temperature regulation.


One of the Best Herbs for the Heart - Hawthorn: Helps rebuild the heart muscle.

Hawthorn Berries is a cardiac tonic that contains bioflavonoids (cause dialation of blood vessels), cardiotonic amines, polyphenols, and is a source of Vitamin C, The B vitamins, and many other nutrients. Hawthorn Berries is used to strengthen the heart and circulatory system. It can help increase the hearts pumping force, eliminate heart-rhythm irregularities and remove cholesterol from arterial walls. The many cardiovascular benefits are the result of the following actions: ( From the August 2004 Idaho Observer: proliberty.com/observer/20040804.htm)


  • Improves blood supply to the heart, helps reduce amount of stress placed on heart, improves metabolic processes in the heart, helps prevent hardening of the arteries and helps lower blood pressure.

One of the Best Herbs for Circulation - Capsicum: the miracle balancer. Can help stop heart attacks, but can also dissolve blood clots. Capsicum is the fruit of the cayenne pepper and is a catalyst for herbs in that it improves the absorption of other herbs. It aids in circulation by opening small blood vessels and it helps stop bleeding immediatley (external or internal). It also stimulates digestion and enhances blood flow.


Blood Cleansers - Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Burdock Root, BP-X


Blood Builders - Chlorophyll, Dandelion, Herbal Trace Minerals, Blood Stimulator (Chinese)


Vascular Cleansers - Butcher's Broom, Chickweed, Mega-Chel, Lecithin, IV Chelation


Vascular Builders - White Oak Bark, Rose Hips, Vari-Gone, Red Raspberry Leaves, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Hi-Potency Grapine, L-Arginine.


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