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Flower remedies are essentially the essences of various flowers that help a person cope better emotionally with the issues that may be going on in their life. They are also helpful at helping bring repressed feelings to the surface to help the person heal from past traumas.


How do you know what flower remedy is right for you? You are welcome to visit us at the store to browse through our Flower Essence Reference book. You may also pick up free booklets with brief descriptions of what each flower does.


View the pdf version of the Flower Essence Guide here.

Five-Flower Formula

Five Flower Formula contains five flower essences in one and has been a favorite blend for many as it is calming and soothing. It can help in cases of anxiety, high stress, trauma, hyperactive children, and even nervous pets.

Nature's Sunshine


Flower Essence Blends

Nature's Sunshine has developed 6 different Flower Essence Blends and modified a favorite blend called Distress Remedy. These Flower essence blends come in a generous 2 oz size with a dropper cap. Read on to learn the benefits of each one.

Distress Remedy


Nature's Sunshine version of the 5-Flower formula comes in a generous 2 oz bottle size. Distress remedy contains all the same flowers with the addition of Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey, and Belladonna. It has been a long-time favorite as it is calming and balancing. This blend is used for tension and stress.

Keep Cool - A great blend for anger, agitation, frustration. This blend can be used by those who feel they may be tempermental or controlling.


Find Strength- A blend for those who may have trouble speaking up or who repress or bottle up their anger or true feelings.


Release It - Helps to let go of past trauma and feelings associated with those traumas.


Open Heart - For those who close themselves off and feel a disconnect with others.


Be Courageous - Indecisivness, fearful individuals may benefit from this blend.


Be Response-Able - Helps in cases where more confidence and acceptance of life's responsibilities is needed.

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Ezee Flow Tea

Men: Frequent bathroom trips?

Bell Lifestyle's Ezee Flow Tea for men helps to maintain urinary flow, frequency and comfort for a good nights's sleep. Its easy to prepare, tastes great hot or cold and may also aid in issues of sexual health, circulation, kidney and bladder health.


Bladder Control Tea for women is also available.

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