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Neurofeedback Sessions

NeurOptimal feedback is considered by many to be the most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today. Dr. Valeane Brown and Dr. Susan Chesire Brown, founders or the Zengar Institute have developed a safe, effective system that gives feedback directly to your brain allowing it to regulate itself efficiently. These sessions can help improve memory, performance on tasks. Benefits also extend to helping anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches, irritability, stress and low immunity.


1 Session $60 | 3 Sessions $150 | 6 Sessions $240


Iridology is an assessment that allows the iridologist to match you with the right herbs by way of analyzing the Iris. This is a non-invasive method of identifying areas of toxicity and inflammation in the body's different body systems. This is done examining the characteristics found in the fiber of the iris.


When you come in for your appointment you will be asked to sit before an iris capturing device which is essentially a camera that allows for a clear picture of both the right and left iris. The Iridologist examines the photos and discusses his observations with the client and determines what herbal program would best suit your health needs.


This is one of the best ways to start your journey toward achieving natural health as it pinpoints the potential areas of concern.


Iridology sessions are recommended for newcomers or those just starting out using natural herbal/vitmain supplements.  Our 30 minute Muscle Testing consultations are recommended for more advanced health issues / concerns.


Cost : $60


No medical testing is performed by The Herb Garden staff. Information is based on natural therapies.
Assesments are not meant to prescribe or diagnose medical illness.

Muscle Test / Applied Kinesiology

Muscle Testing is a method of measuring the body's response to an herb or a vitamin supplement by way of muscle strength. Everything is energy including the herbs and our bodies. Muscle Testing allows us to ask the body questions to determine which supplements are most beneficial at that given time.


The process requires that the client elevate his or her hand outward to their side. The Herbalist then has the client hold the supplement on their thymus gland which is considered a more sensitive area for testing. The Thymus gland is located below the collar bone in the center upper part of the chest area. Pressure is then applied to the arm and the client is asked to try and resist the pressure and keep their arm from being pushed down. Because the body knows what it needs your arm will be strong and be able to resist the pressure when the herbs you need are the ones being tested.


Muscle Testing can be used as a tool to determine what changes need to be made to a herbal regimen and is included in scheduled  appointmtments. Muscle testing is not used to diagnose disease.



Whole Body Muscle Test

The Body Scan is a procedure performed by appointment only and involves the same method mentioned above however in this case organ points are tested. Examples of Organ test points are Liver, Stomach, Adrenals, Kidney etc.


The results of the Body Muscle Scan determine the next course of action which can include testing for environmental toxins, vaccines, heavy metals, food allergies amongst others. We use frequencies of theses toxins, foods, viruses and bacteria to create antidotes to help detox the body.


Body Scan Testing is performed by Lois Trippett
1 Hour ( Recommended for more advanced health issues): $60
30 Minute Appointment: $30


Note: Body Scan does not refer to any medical diagnostic device or procedure. It refers to a series fo test points involved in a Muscle Testing consultaiton as described.

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