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Join us Nov. 25th

 6-7 pm at The Herb Garden.
The holidays are just around the corner. Learn about this amazing drink and how it can help keep you feeling great through the festivities.  Click here for more info.


Kid's Chewable Vitamins
Sunshine Heroes are 20% Off!


  • Multiple Vitamin & Mineral
  • DHA Omega Fatty Acid
  • Elderberry (Immune Support)
  • Whole Food Antioxidant
  • Papayazyme & Probiotic Power (Digestive/ Immune Support)

Consultations / Services

Here at the Herb Garden we strive to inspire those who are facing health challenges with quality health advice, herbal/nutritional support and natural health consultations as well as spiritual counseling. Our mission is to provide you with the materials and the information you need to lead a healthful life.  Exercise your abiliy to take preventative measures in health. We are here to help guide you!


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Iridology Appointments with Mark Trippett are available Fridays and Saturdays for $60 1 hour. Iridology is an assessment that allows the iridologist to match you with the right herbs by way of analyzing the Iris. This is a non-invasive method of identifying areas of toxicity and inflammation

in the body's different body systems. This is done examining the characteristics found in the fiber of the iris. Continue reading....

Visit our Kangen water page for more information.

Kangen Water



Check back soon for our next Kangen Demonstration class date.


Drinking highly alkaline antioxidant water is very beneficial to your health. Learn how this super hydration helps the body anti-oxidize improving assimilation of nutrients, energize and ease inflammation

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KELP 95.9 FM


10-11 am Sat.


RADIO PROGRAM | Saturdays 10-11:00 am

Call in with questions during the show. (915) 779-0016

Toll Free: ( 800) 658-6299

Past Recordings available here!



Learn about Solle Natural Products by visiting www.onesolle.com/theherbgarden



Solle Vital



These great tasting formulas from Solle Naturals are easy to use, convenient and work on a lot of body ailments. Both come in easy powder packets that are mixed with water.


Used together these two formulas help with fatigue, depression, anxiety, cravings, irritability, weight issues, low immunity and blood sugar imbalance.



Enviro Shower filters remove chlorine and odors immediatley.


Enjoy Softer Skin & Hair

Enhance your probiotic program

Help battle skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema

Ease the effects of pulmonary diseases such as asthma


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Liph Products


Liph Products greatly complement any program  aimed at promoting pH balance. Suffer from chronic pain due to inflammatory conditions? Are you currently taking part of our 30 day free Kangen water trial? Liph products are made from the trace mineral Silica and oxygenate the body as welll as alkalize.


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Brands you can trust

We offer a diverse inventory that includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other related items of the purest, most effective form. Nature's Sunshine products make up about 80% of our inventory and it is a brand you can trust. Quality is never overlooked.

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Strengthens immunity, helps fight colds, flu & sinus infections, Anti-Infammatory, Anti-Fungal and more.


Protect your Pets
Products for  Parvo

Doterra Essential Oils
Learn more about Doterra essential oils and how to sign up for discounted pricing here

Ezee Flow Tea

Men: Frequent bathroom trips?

Bell Lifestyle's Ezee Flow Tea for men helps to maintain urinary flow, frequency and comfort for a good nights's sleep. Its easy to prepare, tastes great hot or cold and may also aid in issues of sexual health, circulation, kidney and bladder health.


Bladder Control Tea for women is also available.

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